Volunteering Stories

Sharon McDonald, FdA Community Leadership, Environmental and Community Learning, Stubby Lee

At Stubby Lee I spend time with vulnerable adults who are living with various Mental Health issues.

The Greenhouses project gives people an opportunity to have company in a positive environment whilst working towards a common goal. The common goal we all worked towards was running a functioning greenhouse and allotment. Together we worked through the seasons, planting, nurturing, watering, growing, harvesting and eventually clearing the whole site for the next season.

In addition to the running of the site, several courses are offered to the volunteers which help them to find interests and move on. I took part in many of these courses, for my own personal development and to be there to support the other volunteers, practically and emotionally. I supported volunteers through conflict resolution, wood turning, herbs for health and self-esteem building.

Positive impacts have been building peoples’ confidence in their skills. I’ve done this by helping to provide an encouraging atmosphere and treating each person on an individual basis. In doing this I have realised even the little things that you can do for people, like giving a little bit of your time, can make a massive difference to how somebody else feels.