Empowering visit to Oman for UCLan students

A group of University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) staff and students travelled to the Middle East to deliver a pioneering social cohesion programme. This aims to empower young people to work as mentors in disadvantaged communities.

The UCLan team, from the Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership (CVCL), joined with international partner institution, the International College of Engineering and Management. This was to deliver the Global Youth Solutions Programme to 70 students in Oman.

Wajid Khan and Yasmeen Ali were accompanied by eight UCLan students. Seven of these students were from the Foundation Degree in Community Leadership at the Burnley Campus. Also, one international student was from Medina, in Saudi Arabia, who was studying Engineering.

Community Leadership Course Leader Wajid Khan said:

“Our students have been delivering our week-long enabling programme that up-skills students to identify and execute solutions to social issues. It’s been very exciting for the students taking part, has provided them with some invaluable experience and will lead to further exchanges in the future.”

One of the students was Burnley Campus based Dean Edwards, who has delivered some similar training in Turkey and Pakistan through his course. The 21-year-old, from Nelson, said: “It was great to be able to visit a country like Oman and get the opportunity to understand what volunteering is like for the Omani people.

“We got them actively engaged in activities about leadership, teamwork, presenting and reflecting so they could learn for themselves and then take that forward and build on that in the future. We only had a very short amount of time with them but it’s amazing what they achieved. The feedback was astounding and it’s really nice to know our help was greatly appreciated.”

In the last year Burnley and Preston students delivered the same programme in Turkey and Pakistan. It was also delivered in several high schools around Lancashire.