The Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership (CVCL) is recognised to be at the cutting edge of youth led community cohesion, featuring as best practice in numerous national and international publications including the Cabinet Office Report into Community Cohesion – Our Shared Future for the Pendle schools based Centre for Citizenship at Marsden Heights Community College.

Currently, the centre has a number of research areas linked to project delivery in a range of disciplines including peer leadership, mentoring, volunteering and community action.

Every member of CVCL staff are published experts in their fields. Recently a book has been successfully published with global academic publishers Palgrave Macmillan, which CVCL helped to author.  The definitive text book was published in 2018 on the topic of Community Leadership. The title is: Paulo Freire and Transformative Education, Changing Lives and Transforming Communities, Edited by Alethea Melling and also Ruth Pilkington.