Morocco 2017: Agadir Orphanage Centre

June 15, 2018

April 2017

Another amazing and heart-warming experience!  At the orphanage centre there were 96 boys who we worked with in football (with Burnley FC), numeracy and literacy workshops and peer leadership.  We also took them on a Bicycle trek, visited the Crocodile Park and Zoo.  Every evening the students would return to the centre after the children’s evening meal to make sure every child went to bed with a glass of milk and some of the students also helped the centre staff to sanitise the dining and lounge areas.

Prior to our visit the students had fundraised £1500 which was used to provide the children with some new shoes, clothes and a few meals.  We also parcelled out 450Kgs of clothes, shoes, toys, toothbrushes, shower gels and soaps that arrived while we were there and the students were able to hand deliver it to them.

One of the orphanages we work with cares for abandoned babies and small children. It houses around 60 children that have either been abandoned or are orphans. As much as 25 cots are in a room with staff that take good care of them. Premature babies are simply wrapped in layers of blankets to keep them warm and share the same room as the other children.  Incubator facilities would make a huge difference for the small babies as they really need to be kept in a sterile and isolated environment and the students have returned with the aim of fundraising for this. The centre regularly takes abandoned babies that are premature but lack the equipment needed to support them. These babies are wrapped in a number of blankets to keep them warm, but are lacking an incubator which could help develop the infant and could possibly save its life. Children with disabilities are also taken care of but the centre does not have the correct equipment like wheel chairs that could help the children move about. Our students are looking at fund raising to buy incubators for the orphanage.