Changing the Story Conference 9th Jan 2019

This event provides an opportunity to collaborate with community stakeholders in developing interventions that challenge dominantly perceived views of education, creating a culture where Higher Education is viewed in terms of benefits rather than barriers.

The University of Central Lancashire is part of an AdvanceHE (Equality Challenge Unit) initiated consortium of UK universities exploring issues relating to equality of access to Higher Education and the barriers certain communities face. The aim of the national project is to pull strands of data and research together to create a picture that will help inform policy and practice. The University of Central Lancashire are focusing on South Asian communities, Eastern European Migrants and White British young men from low participation backgrounds in Pennine Lancashire and peripheral areas. The purpose of this event is to share our findings and provide opportunities for educators and policy makers to listen to the voices of people and communities who have overcome the barriers to Higher Education and those who are facing those barriers.

The event will Open at 10am please arrive earlier for registration!

Time Slot: 9:30-10:00

Arrivals and Registration (Refectory)

Dharma Kovvuri, Dean of Burnley Campus, introduces Wajid Khan MEP Room

Time Slot: 10:00 – 10:20

Crossing the Road: Opening Keynote by Wajid Khan Labour MEP for the North West Room

Time slot: 10.25 – 11.10

Theme: Youth Voices

Lauren Nixon: From the Beginning…

Lauren talks about significant challenges to her educational experience as a young person and how she has now been able to re-engage in the educational process. Lauren will discuss the impact of the role of different statuary services on this journey.

Theme: Women and Education

Mum to Mums: Educate a Mother, Educate a Community.

This workshop looks at the importance of educating mothers for community development.

Theme: BAME

Saima & Fatema:

Case studies

Saima and Fatema have overcome significant barriers to access Higher Education. Saima is now a teacher in community education, and Fatema is a post graduate student.

Theme: Social Mobility

Ali Melling and the Innovation Lab: The Impact Machine

Evaluating the Impact of Student Knowledge Exchange on developing the knowledge economy of our local communities.

Time Slot: 11:15-12:00

Theme: Youth Voices

Positive Voices: What we want, and what we need

Young people from Marsden Heights Community College share their hopes and aspirations. They also discuss their fears and concerns regarding progressing to Higher Education.

Theme: Women and Education

Elaine Hutchison: Finding my Passion

This workshop explores Elaine’s journey into Higher Education as a mature student. Elaine discusses her journey in the context of John Dewey’s concept of action-reflection-action.

Theme: BAME

Access Alpha

Access Alpha works to engage women form the South Asian Community in Daneshouse and Stoneyholme in education. They discuss their experiences.

Theme: Social Mobility

The Freire Institute: Transforming Communities

Dr John Lockhart discusses transformative education and its impact on communities.

Time Slot: 12:15-13:15

Professor Ali Melling: Key Note 2 ‘Changing the Story’ (introduced by Professor Nigel Harrison, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Well-being)

Time Slot: 13:15-14:00 Lunch (Refectory)

Time Slot: 14.05-14:20

Introduction to PM Session: Liz Bromley, Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Central Lancashire.

Time Slot:14:30-15:15

Theme: Young Men

Paul Wilkinson: Barrier Football

Paul explored the barriers to HE for young people in Pennine Lancashire, using football coaching skills as a tool for evaluation.

Theme: BAME

Rabia Aziz: The Importance of Education for Women and Girls.

Rabia discusses her experience and how education has empowered her.

Theme: Young Men

Gary Lowe: This is my Journey

Gary maps his inspirational journey into Higher Education and the barriers he faced as a young man growing up in East Lancashire.

Theme: Social Mobility

Enterprising Habits CIC

Ibrar Syed, outlines how social enterprise can build social mobility.

Time Slot: 15:30-16:00

Dr Ebrahim Adia, Provost, Burnley Campus: Concluding Remarks